Bangalow Bridge Replacement Project

  • Location - Bangalow, NSW
  • Completion Date - 2018
  • Value - $5.2 Million
  • Client - Byron Shire Council

The Bangalow Bridge Replacement Project, involved the demolition, salavage and replace of five ageing timber bridges in the Byron Shire, near Bangalow in northern New South Wales.

The bridges were replaced with modular steel lineof communication (Bailey) bridges, purcahse by Byron Shire Council from surplus Australian Army Stock.

The project was a vital infrastructure upgrade as the load restrictions due to the condition of the existing timber bridges was restricting transport operation and connectivity for the community around each bridge site.

SEE Civil, in partnership with SRG Limited, developed an innovative bridge lowering falsework in order to incorporate the typically temporary module steel bridge structures into the permanent design of the abutments.

Scope of works

  • ​Management of existing overhead power (two bridge sites) and existing Telstra services (three bridge sites) including some relocation.
  • Traffic control including full long-term closure (12 weeks) at most bridge sites.
  • Environmental controls including flora and fauna management and erosion and sediment control.
  • Clearing and grubbing (and disposal) at each bridge site, including minimisation of clearing limits and impacts where possible.
  • Earthworks to construction bridge accesses, abutments and temporary launch platforms.
  • Construction of slope stabilisation, foundations for bridge launch, foundations for permanent bridge, abutments and scour protection.
  • Dismantle and salvage existing timber bridges and existing steel bridge to a nominated location.
  • Assembly, launching, installation and securing of modular steel bridges including barrier rails, bridge decks and surface treatments. ​
  • Construction of retaining and short ramp ledge support walls.
  • Construction​ of approach roads earthworks, pavement works and seal.


Bridge lowering falsework at James Creek bridge

O'Mearas Bridge after it was demolished

Looking across O'Mearas Creek from each bridge abutment

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