Tikitere Quarry

Location - North Star, New South Wales

Address - 1135 Croppa Creek Road

Major projects

Inland Rail

Newell Highway Upgrade - Mungleback Creek to Boggabilla

The Tikitere Quarry is a fixed quarry located in North Star in western New South Wales. Quarry Solutions commenced sourcing materials in the western New South Wales region in 2017 ahead of the upcoming Inland Rail project. Tikitere was the first of several sites to be approved for quarrying.

Tikitere will supply ballast, capping and other construction materials to various contractors and projects on the Inland Rail alignment. The quarry is also supplying products for road construction, including foamed bitumen, to the Newell HIghway Mungleback Creek to Boggabilla project.

Tikitere is a high-quality basalt resource which forms a prominent hill and ridge line. The basalt flow averages 5-6 metres thick and extends for approximately 1.6 kilometres.


Tikitere Quarry

The latest Environmental Monitoring reports can be found below.

Tikitere Quarry - Blast Monitoring Report - January 2020

The latest Blast Monitoring Report can be found at the link below.


Tikitere Quarry - Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

The latest version of the Pollution Incident Response Management Plan can be found at the link below.


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