Woodburn Pre-Cast

Location - Woodburn, New South Wales

Address - 9610 Pacific Highway, Woodburn. NSW


Pre-cast concrete infrastructure products

Pre-cast concrete rural industry products

Our Woodburn pre-cast yard has capability and capacity to produce a range of products for the civil construction and rural and agricultural industries. We've supplied headwalls and culverts to major infrastructure and urban development projects in New South Wales.

Our quality and project management teams are experienced in producing pre-cast elements to specification and work closely with our engineering team to develop pre-cast design requirements. Our part in SEE Group means we can utilise the broader experience of the group and develop and design pre-cast solutions for any project.

Civil construction products

  • Culverts
  • Head Walls
  • Retaining walls - standard and decorative aggregates
  • Project-specific designed elements

Rural and agricultural industries products

  • Concrete fence and strainer posts
  • Water tanks and troughs of all sizes

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