Doonbah Sand Quarry

Location - Doonbah, New South Wales

Address - 365-485 Woodburn-Evans Head Road, Woodburn

Major Projects

Pacific Highway Upgrade - Woolgoolga to Ballina

Doonbah Sand Quarry was acquired to support the supply of concrete paving aggregates to the Pacific Highway Upgrade - Woolgoolga to Ballina project. Quarry Solutions designed and built specific dredging equipment for the Doonbah Quarry. The Pacific Highway Upgrade - Woolgoolga to Ballina involved the longest stretch of continuous concrete pavement every undertaken in Australia with a majority of the sand supplied from Doonbah. Other clients for the Doonbah Sand quarry including regional councils and garden and landscaping suppliers.

The quarry has been planned over four stages, having a combined area of 18.3 hectares, with resource to a depth of 15 metres and a total resource of around 4 million tonnes. The quarry has capacity and capability for dredging, screening, washing, blending and stockpiling sand resources.

Doonbah Sand quarry - old dredge

Doonbah Sand Quarry

The latest environmental monitoring data for Doonbah Quarry can be found here.

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