Ecco Ripley Estate

  • Location - Ripley, QLD
  • Completion Date - Current
  • Value - $49.5 Million (combined total to date)
  • Client - Sekisui House Australia

SEE Civil has completed stages 2 - 12 of the Ecco Ripley estate for Sekisui House with further works currently underway in the estate.

SEE Civil also completed the bulk earthworks for the Ecco Ripley town centre as well as trunk sewer infrastructure works, two additional bulk earthworks packages and upgrading more than one kilometre of Ripley Road including constructing signalised intersections.

Work packages completed so far for the estate has combined urban residential, retail development and major upgrades of existing road infrastructure and essential services.

Ecco Ripley is being constructed in the Queensland Priority Development area of Ripley Valley . At completion, it is estimated Ecco Ripley will be home for some 120,000 residents.

Scope of Works

  • Recent residential stages have included 8,500 square metres of concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Bulk earthworks across the estate with a combined total of around 1,000,000 cubic metres of cut/fill and cut/export
  • Construction of a 10,000 square metre working platform for the construction of a key retail precinct in the town centre
  • Contributing to design development on key areas where constructability issues have been identified
  • Installation of around 7,500 metres of stormwater drainage
  • Installation of around 6,000 metres of water reticulation
  • Installation of around 7,200 metres of sewer reticulation, including a large diametre trunk sewer up to 8 metres deep
  • Construction of block retaining walls and Class A Sandstone boulder walls
  • Soil nail anchors for embankment stabilisation along Ripley Road with a shotcrete finish
  • Upgrades to a major external road (Ripley Road) including construction of four signalised intersections, undertaken under live traffic using complex traffic staging and nightworks
  • Construction of a regional detention basin including a 6 metre deep clay core, box culverts and Q100 concrete spillway with pedestal structure for future cycle path and various scour protection works.


Ecco Ripley is a residential estate in the fast growing Ripley Valley

The terrain of the site meant retaining walls were required

The project included upgrades to Ripley Road

Steep slopes provided challenging conditions in some areas

Early stages of Ecco Ripley including all clearing and grubbing

Works included construction of a deep trunk sewer


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