Empire Industrial Estate

  • Location - Yatala, QLD
  • Completion Date - September 2019
  • Value - $35 Million
  • Client - The Stephens Group

Empire Industrial Estate is a 127 hectare industrial site located within the Yatala Enterprise Area in Queensland. SEE has completed eight of a proposed ten industrial land stages at Empire.

The project has required significant bulk earthworks (in excess of 2 million cubic metres) with drill and blast operations and on site crushing required.During some stages, earthworks production rates of 5,000 cubic metres per day were achieved in order to be meet the desired construction program.

Other works have including the construction of two large retaining walls along Peachey Road using SEE Civil's innovative Rock Block retaining solution. Rock Block has been designed to maximise the land yield for developers by maximising the useable land above retaining walls.

SEE Civil has also completed civil infrastructure works for the development including water and sewer reticulation systems, an external trunk sewer upgrade and installation of communications and electrical infrastructure - all designed for commercial and industrial use.

Empire Industrial Estate

Scope of works

  • More than 2,500,000 cubic metres of cut to fill earthworks to date
  • Completion of more than 40,000 cubic metres of rock facing batters
  • More than 1,000,000 tonnes of drill and blast materials crushed on site and reused - self-performed works with specialist blasting contractors
  • Construction of more than 40,000 square metres of pavements including asphalt up to 600mm deep in places
  • Design of feasible solutions for constructability issues associated with the external trunk sewer upgrade
  • Construction of two large retaining wall structures on Peachy Road frontage of the estate using SEE Civil's innovative Rock Block retaining wall system. The walls were up to 10 metres in height with lengths of 250 metres and 364 metres respectively and a total facing area of 2,805 square metres
  • Civil works to facilitate the development of large industrial and commercial facilities on estate lots


Empire Industrial Estate required bulk earthworks across all sites

A significant drill, blast and crush program was required to meet the project program

Empire Industrial Estate is a 127 hectare site, home to former Darlington Park raceway

SEE CIvil has moved more than 2 million cubic metres of earth and rocks as part of their works at Empire

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