Our Capabilities

Quarry Solutions are major project delivery specialists. Our team of quarry professionals have experience across the extractive industries. Our point of difference lies in our ability to anticipate major project material supply needs ahead of time, especially where underlying quarry markets are small. We have the necessary expertise and experience to deliver a total quarry solution across the material supply lifecycle - from identifying and investigating new quarry sources, seeking new development applications or increasing extraction limits, right through to quarry operation and material delivery.


Our management team has been sourcing and legitimising quarry sites close to major projects for many years. We work to stay ahead of major projects, ensuring material supply needs can be met efficiently and with sufficient requisite resource to match demand.


We have an in depth, first-hand knowledge of the quarry planning and development application process having delivered more than 10 new quarries into various markets since 2015. We focus on building strong relationships with key stakeholders including land and resource owners, the relevant local council and state government organisations to ensure success through the DA process.

major project material supply

Quarry Solutions has been working with major projects to deliver their quarried material and construction material supply needs. Recent projects have included production and delivery of a range of specified materials for road and infrastructure construction.

high volume production

Quarry Solutions sites are resourced with modern construction equipment as well as dedicated maintenance personnel to ensure production can be maximised safely. Our quarry managers are experienced at maximising stockpile and sales volumes to ensure requisite resource availability at all times.

mobile crushing & screening

We're industry leaders when it comes to mobile crushing and screening setups. Our experience managing multiple sites concurrently means we can scale production up and down as required, even when working remotely.

Current Work