Kennedy Development Road

  • Location - Mt Garnet, QLD
  • Completion Date - 2013
  • Value - $17 Million
  • Client - Department to Transport and Main Roads

SEE Civil undertook two packages of works on the Kennedy Development Road in far north Queensland. The package involved approximately 27 kilometres of should widening on both sides of the road in locations between Conjuboy and Mount Garnet.

The Conjuboy package also required full pavement overlay under live traffic conditions with a high percentage of heavy vehicle traffic.

Scope of Works

  • 27 kilometres of shoulder widening along northbound and southbound carriageways in two locations between Conjuboy and Mount Garnet
  • Fully pavement overalays under live traffic conditions
  • Upgrading and reconstruction stormwater culverts and structures
  • Sourcing and importnat general fill for road shoulders from borrow pits
  • Construction using stablised pavements


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